Welcome to imagineering


Since 1990 we have been creating digital media for our clients to sell, train, or inform their clients.


Our specialism is in all aspects of video production, from initial outlines and storyboards through location planning and production to filming, editing and delivery.


View the video above to see the science, statistics and craft behind video content.


For many companies, this will be their initial steps into video as a communication tool.

We know that our many years of experience can make the process for you painless and rewarding.


Please, call and discuss your needs, no matter how early in the process you are. A quick call can often save you a great deal of time and set you on the right path.
























A full site will be coming along soon with more video samples and process diagrams.


In the meantime, we understand that many people will like to create their own videos.


Here are a few links to give you some thoughts on the process:


Business Gateway introductory videos: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3


or for the more advanced:

A filming and editing masterclass   What is good editing   How important is colour

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